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Allow Yourself to Invest in Art... and be Repaid Every Day!

If you had £500 what could you do with it? 
New clothes? More gadgets? A few days away? 
Or buy something fabulous which makes you smile every day and makes you feel fantastic!

Art for investment has always been a tricky subject. Vincent Van Gogh only sold a single painting whilst he was alive and yet now his original works are worth millions!

Who decided the value of these paintings? Who decided that he and his contemporaries are worthy of such recognition? More to the point... Who will be next? Which artist will capture the imagination of the UK contemporary art world? 

More people are looking for ways to spend their money which have a chance to give a return in future years. One of these options is Art. 

There are many high profile artists in the world who attract handsome prices for their original works. They have spent many years building their profile and earning recognition. Their supporters have spent many years watching the value of their early purchases grow. 

The question which many people find themselves asking is ‘What do I Buy?

To buy an original painting from an artist who is already well recognised could cost you handsomely and with a bigger investment you are counting on not only the continued recognition of this artist but also the continued growth and value of their work.

It’s true that choosing a well-known artist carries a certain credence and gives a certain level of confidence to your investment. But what if you don’t have thousands to invest? What if each purchase is saved for and carefully thought out? 

The answer is to learn to trust your heart! We are all born with an instinct, it shows us the way forward and helps us make the right choices in life... but life is a busy place and we learn to override our instincts and in doing so we lose out!

Here at The Acorn Gallery we aim to help you recognise what excites you, what intrigues and inspires you... We look for new talent and we show their work alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. 

When you buy an original piece of work from a relatively unknown artist, not yet highly priced but already visually pleasing and soulfully satisfying, then you are investing not only in the person and the work they have created but also in their potential.

Many people are choosing to move away from the generic and instead choose something beautiful and unusual. Something which intrigues them and helps them see beyond the everyday. 

Choose artwork which makes you stand out from the crowd, let people see your true potential! Dress your home with artwork which shows your personality and allows you to go beyond the mundane. 

In this modern age we find ourselves surrounded by many options for spending our hard earned cash. Be careful what you spend it on… it is earned only once… let it pay you back with every chance it can!

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