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And The Winner Is......

Every year we like to tell you who has won our 'Little Acorns' Top Sellers Award, in other words, who has sold the most pieces in the last twelve months... and now the results are in: 

In FIRST Place:  Kealey Farmer

Yayyy! Congratulations Kealey! You are the 2020 'Little Acorns' Top Seller!

Our customers love your beautiful, happy, feel good paintings and we have sold prints and originals and sketches across the board!

With another release coming very soon you're sure to pique interest again!

KFA Connected, an original painting of trees by Kealey Farmer available at The Acorn Gallery Pocklington York


In JOINT SECOND Place: Mackenzie Thorpe AND Kerry Darlington

Huge Congratulations to two artists who both put their heart and soul into their work.

Mackenzie Thorpe - for whom every piece is born from a memory, a moment, a place of love and security and each offering those feelings to us all, to help us feel uplifted and hopeful and calm... 

MTH a beautiful image of a small child running towards a grandparent as if to give a huge hug, a reminder of how much we have missed contact during the coronavirus lockdowns. Painting by Mackenzie Thorpe and prints available at The Acorn Gallery Pocklington York.


Kerry Darlington - who's love of classic books and children's tales has kept these alive for us all in her magical paintings. These wonderful raconteur pieces which allow us all to keep a little of our childhood inside...   

KDAR a bright and colourful paintinging showing the meeting of Alice in Wonderland with the Queen of Hearts in the Rose Garden with an abundance of colour and detail! Painting by Kerry Darlington and available from The Acorn Gallery Pocklington York.


 In THIRD Place: Danny Abrahams

 Danny has always drawn on nature as a backdrop to his paintings and in doing so has helped us all to reconnect with precious time spent walking and exploring...

...this past year, more than ever, these walks, even the short ones, have proved to be a valuable part of the day for the whole family and Danny's prints and paintings bring back that same feeling of wonder and calm and peace...

DAB An original painting showing a child on a hillside on a windy day flying a kite with streamers flying in the wind. Painting by Yorkshire artist Danny Abrahams and available at The Acorn Gallery Pocklington York.


 In FOURTH Place: Richard Blunt

During the last twelve months Richards paintings have helped people to recognise and celebrate the wins in their life that sometimes get lost in the everyday...

...a pat on the back for running your own business, a reminder of what you can achieve... or the realisation that your love is getting lost in the everyday and needs to be remembered in the small moments that we grasp in amongst routine...

RBL A dark and romantic painting of a young woman sat playing an upright piano with her man stood at her side watching her. Painting by artist Richard Blunt available at The Acorn Gallery Pocklington York.


In JOINT FIFTH Place: Marie Louise Wrightson AND Mark Davies

Marie's beautiful detailed original paintings celebrate afternoon tea, cakes and parties and everything Alice in Wonderland! These often tiny artworks are displayed in artistic clusters and often added to over time :) 

MLW A Stunning original painting of the Queen of Hearts with a large white rose in her hair and a gold background. The frame is very wide and ornate and a stunning red! Painting by Scottish artist Marie Louise Wrightson and available at The Acorn Gallery Pocklington York.


Mark Davies, the self-styled storyteller, has a love of the classics... from classic movies to classic children's stories, but always with a twist...

...using the forces of light and dark, good and evil, he creates epic scenes built from big ideas and not so obvious details, all of which combine to bring the story to life!

MDA A beautiful limited edition print showing the nursery from Peter Pan childrens story, it is nighttime and the large windows look out over London and the re are chandelires hanging from the high ceilings. Painting by British Artist Mark Davies and available from The Acorn Gallery Pocklington York.


As much as we celebrate the top-sellers here, we also pay tribute to all the artists who's fabulous work makes up the Acorn Family - this year was a very close result and close on the heels of those named above are Craig Davison, Doug Hyde, JJ Adams, Heather Howe, Sarah Louise Ewing and Andrei Protsouk... to name but a few!

 So thank you to all of you, the painters and the customers, the lookers and the lovers, the Facebook Followers, the Twitter ReTweeters and the Instagram Likers... we love you all :)  

 The beautiful shop front for The Acxorn Gallery Pocklington York who show a wide range or beautiful artwork from a great variety of UK artists.



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