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West Pier (Rule Britannia) by JJ Adams *RARE*

Regular Price £540.00
West Pier (Rule Britannia) by JJ Adams *RARE*
West Pier (Rule Britannia) by JJ Adams *RARE*

Limited Edition Of 95

Medium: Giclee On Paper

Framed Size: 31.5" x 41" 

There is so much more to this piece than first meets the eye!

HRH The Queen is walking along Brighton Beach looking for a place to set up her deck chair... but why?

Grafitti tells us that 'the system has failed us'... The sharks are circling and the pirates are waiting to plunder our shores... Brexit madness threatens to overcome us all Her Majesty is holding her own... with the words of Churchill echoing around ('we shall fight them on the beaches') we can see that the Monarchy is responding to anarchy and all is not quite lost...  

The burned skeleton of Brighton Pier stands tall against the sky, a structure all but lost as it is now unreachable from the land, and yet still a figure has climbed its impossible heights and thrown out their arms to the rainbow... Britain is Great and we shall persevere...all is not lost and there is always hope...

We feel that time will prove this to be one of JJ's landmark editions! 


You need this if you have 'Buckingham Palace' or 'Wunch of Bankers' from the Rule Britannia series.

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