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Timeless America by Alberto Martinez

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Timeless America by Alberto Martinez
Timeless America by Alberto Martinez

Limited Edition Print of 49

Medium: Giclee On Canvas

Image Size: 27.5" x 39"

Framed Size 36.5" x 48"

‘Timeless America’ is almost a typical rendering of Times Square in New York. However in true Alberto Martinez style, everything is not quite as it seems.

Behind every component a political, historical, or sometimes personal reference is being made by the artist.

Aside from the obvious architecture, animals are a significant focal point of the painting. The indigenous buffalo, cougar, grizzly bear, and bald eagle, a truly all-American bird, integrate with elephants, giraffes and penguins, each represent the vast cultural and ethnic diversity of this multi-cultural city.

Look again though and a ‘red light’ and ‘no entry’ sign, refer us to the fact that Cubans are still not welcomed to America, this land of opportunity! The handles and zips on many of the buildings, including the safe dial, suggest to us that there is always the possibility a door will open! However, juxtaposed with the presence of a ‘No Entry’ sign and red light we are reminded again that this is not always the case for Cuban nationals.

Have you spotted the breakfast waffle concealed within one of the buildings?

Moving on to the billboards, a pampered pooch is a jovial nod to ‘designer dog’ fashion. Across the street and on a more personal note, Alberto’s signature ‘El Flaco’, meaning ‘the skinny one’, can be seen along with a domino, representing the national game of Cuba.

All around the picture symbols of the commercial side of America are depicted, American Express, Apple iPhone and more are all reminders of the American economic powerhouse.

There are also numerous historical references within this piece: The Indian headdress to the right of the painting denotes that in pre-colonial times the land was inhabited by various tribes of Algonquian Native Americans.

The casino chip placed on the headdress illustrates the number of casinos that were developed on Native American-owned land within the state.

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