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Art Events - Artist Shows and Appearances

We have a full events calendar this year so why not pop the dates in your diary and come along and meet the artists! 

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Saturday 16th May 2020 12-3pm 
We are delighted that Kealey will be here at The Acorn Gallery for the third year in a row and we are sure she will delight you and us with her latest pieces! The gallery will be filled with lots of hearts, nostalgia and all things sparkling including an original or three! All are welcome. 
* * *  
Saturday 6th June 2020 12-3pm 
Last year we hosted Mark's first ever appearance with us and we are delighted that he has agreed to come back this year. We are very excited to see what his new collection 'Lost In Hollywood III' will reveal. We will have a great selection of pieces from Mark's various releases and also one or three originals for you to buy. Everyone is welcome.
* * * 
4th July 2020 12-3pm 
The very popular Craig Davison is making his first ever appearance here at The Acorn Gallery and we are delighted! We  have know Craig for many years and we are so pleased that he is coming! We will have lots of pieces by Craig on display including originals. All are welcome.
 * * *  
Friday 18th - Monday 21st September 2020
Last year we hosted Rob's first ever appearance with us, however his work load means that he is unable to be with us this year so we will be having a focus weekend and we would be delighted if you could come along. Rob is an exciting and rising star within the art world and we will have approx 10 pieces on display from Icons, Movies and Music. Everyone is welcome.
* * * 
Saturday 17th October 20209 12-3pm
If you are looking for anything Alice In Wonderland then look no further than Marie. This will be Marie's fourth appearance with us and we are excited to see what wonderful pieces she will be creating for this appearance. All are welcome.
 * * * 
Saturday 28th November 2020 12-3pm
What can we say about Danny, he has been a top seller with us for many years and this will be his eighth appearance. We will have a superb body of work from his Childhood Memories collection and his Majestic Moorlands collection and maybe even a couple of his paintings on glass! Everyone is welcome.

* * *

Bubbly and non-alcoholic refreshments included along with some arty banter :)

Everyone welcome :)