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Roger Simpson

Roger Simpson Artist At The Acorn Gallery, PocklingtonAbout Roger Simpson:-
Roger Simpson is an extraordinary painter, from the age of around ten years old all he wanted to do was draw and paint,  Roger says that that drawing and painting was in him from an early age, he remembers drawing little doodles at secondary school when he should have been learning maths or something and that's probably why he is useless at adding up. 

Roger used to go into libraries and pretend he was reading a book when actually  he would be drawing the person opposite. He says that he used to go out in the countryside painting when he was around 20 years old but he felt that he wasn't very good but in 2012 he took up watercolour painting and although Roger has painted in other media he felt that he needed to master this elusive medium.  

He says he used to use pastels with there painterly qualities but since he started to paint seriously with watercolours he has found that they suit him a lot better than pastels ever did, saying you can be so free and expressive with there fluid quality. 

Roger says just painting in watercolour with the brush onto a white sheet of paper is a great thrill, seeing what the colour does when if flows into other colours.  Roger has drawn and painted all of his life but early on in his art days he struggled with watercolours and never bothered with them again until thirty five years later, then in 2012 he knuckled down and he now feels as though he has mastered what is called the most difficult painting medium you could ever use.