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Robert Bashford *NEW*

Robert Bashford Artist At the Acorn Gallery, PocklingtonAbout Robert Bashford:-

When an artist paints ‘plein air’ then they take their paints and canvas and step out into the world to paint in front of the subject they have chosen. 

Robert Bashford is a plein air artist, living and working in Berkshire. Robert is completely self-taught having begun with watercolours but having made the change to oils after reading about plein air painting. This is now his preferred choice. 

A new painting is usually inspired by light and colour, helping him decide where to set up his pochade box and start painting. 

Recently Robert Bashford was awarded the Derwent Award at the Patching Art Festival and he has also exhibited with the Royal Society of British Artists at the Mall Galleries in London. 

Almost all of Roberts originals are painted in oil on small boards and are beautifully framed in modern light colours.