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Rob Palmer

Rob Palmer Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington
About Rob Palmer:-


Rob Palmer is a Creative Director by day, an artist and illustrator by night who hails from London.

Rob is originally from the North East of England and he moved to London in 2013 to set up a studio and open up new opportunities. His passion for character design, escapism and landscape art shines through in his work with 'A Sheep's Life' Collection and 'The 4getmeknots' Collection.
Rob's style takes influence from some of his favourite naïve artists such as Henri Rousseau, Jo March, Doug Hyde and Peter Smith. His work uses bright vibrant palettes and simplistic shapes to create impact pieces based around fun and emotive characters. Rob has developed a heavy based texture on all of his art using a controlled set of brushes that have been perfected over many years. They have been built up so when printed, offer a feeling of originality and depth to mimic traditional methods.