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Opake One

About Opake One:-

Opake One is a London based graffiti artist and has been practising graffiti art since the age of 13. Over time, he has developed a distinct painting technique and combines both illustrative images of wildlife with eOpake One Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklingtonlements of graffiti to create a new and exciting body of work.

Opake first started out writing graffiti because as a child he loved the idea that people could paint large-scale pieces, outdoors, for free. As he started to get more involved in the graffiti subculture, he was really drawn towards painting big, full-colour pieces with other writers (painters).  

Opake's illustrative style stems from his interest in traditional tattoo culture. Big, bold, black lines and block colour. This developed from doing a tattoo apprenticeship and seeing that style of tattooing daily.

His interest in tattoos and love of bold colours, combined with graffiti-tag styles, are all evident in his collection. All Opake's works are original, mixed media artworks on board, that have been hand-drawn and finished in resin.