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Nakisa Seika *NEW*

Nakisa Seika Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

About Nakisa Seika:-

Nakisa was born in 1974. Her childhood was spent visiting museums and attending theatrical shows and their drama and romance left a lasting impression which is evident in her current artwork. 

Her mother also fostered an intense appreciation for the arts and she was taken from one museum to the next, so her earliest memories are populated by Picasso, Michelangelo, Diego Velazquez – each of whom she credits with sparking her imagination as a child. Her style was also significantly shaped by Japanese animation. She was spellbound by Anime and its detailed, live action drawings and channelled it into her own artwork. 

Nakisa’s Japanese heritage is infused into every stroke of her work. Her mastery of Japanese calligraphy and the Sumi-E method, a process that directly translates as “Black Ink Painting” in English, lends an unmistakably authentic, Eastern aura to her creations.

Moulded by a complex culture and well-versed in the ways of her Japanese heritage, she is equipped with more than the physical tools to create her spectacular works of art. The rough hewn, organic textures combine with soft hued yet graphic images of nature to create a direct reflection of her birthplace Tokyo, which is itself an exercise in the balance of extremes.