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Mr H *NEW*

About Mr H:-

Mr H Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

Mr H has chosen to keep his name away from his artistic identity to protect himself and his family. We respect his wish to not push beyond what he has told us and we hope you will do the same. 

He was born in Liverpool but came from a very rough home which led him to grow up very quickly and see things a child should never have to see. 

Painting made an entrance into his life at a time when he was ready to set off on the journey it would take him. The works we see today are the result of creative expression from emotions he feels and has felt. Mr H has a love of colour and detailed design and loves nothing more than getting carried away into a painting, seeing it evolve as he adds to it...  

All pieces are original and are created on Perspex rather than canvas. This surface allows more freedom and doesn't curtail the flow of artistic passion.  Original paintings from Mr H have been included in most of the major art shows here in the UK as well as hanging in private collections around the world.  

Mr H has kindly written a guest blog entry for us which you can find on our blog page. If you are wondering why the pseudonym Mr H, well he just says that he leads a very interesting life.