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Katy Jade Dobson *NEW*

Jaws - Shark Print by Katy Jade Dobson

Regular Price £275.00
Jaws - Shark Print by Katy Jade Dobson

This piece is available in two sizes  


Limited Edition Print Of 75

Medium: Giclee On Paper

Framed Size: 22" x 22" 


Limited Edition Print Of 75

Medium: Giclee On Paper

Framed Size: 36" x 36"

Please find below part of Katy's widely read Blog about this exciting new release and her thoughts on working with the Shark Trust charity.......

I am very excited that my original painting 'Jaws' is being made into a limited edition print, with editions of 75. It is a privilege that this piece is endorsed by the Shark Trust, a wonderful charity. The misunderstood nature of sharks means that their demise as a species is hugely overlooked. Their importance within the marine ecosystem is of such huge importance to the health of our oceans. There are many threats to sharks that can have adverse knock on affects. The global decline of sharks can create a cascading effect.

As one of the ocean's top predators, sharks have potential to structure ecosystems in crucial ways. Decline can mean rearrangement of marine communities. One of the biggest threats to sharks globally is overfishing. This is fuelled by a large demand for shark products such as meat and fins, cartilage, leather, teeth and jaws. Other threats include finning (the cruel practice of cutting off a shark's fins whilst alive. Also, pollution and habitat destruction contribute to the hugely declining numbers. Climate change and pollution play a large part, meaning that oceanic species are not living in the nourishing environment they need to survive.

The Shark Trust works against all of this with a 20 year track record in science-based shark conservation. One of the many things I love about the Shark's Trust and their work is the commitment to changing perceptions on sharks to a positive one in the public's eye. By allowing access to data, and supporting decent education about shark conservation within museums, public aquariums, coastal visitor centres and schools, the outlook on sharks will hopefully change.

It fills me with great pride for 'Jaws' to be endorsed by, and with a percentage of profits going straight to The Sharks Trust. With this painting done in vivid oil paints I hoped to soften what is usually known to be an aggressive and cruel creature. Usually portrayed in dark shades, I opted for a light background and jewel colours, hoping to move emphasis over to appreciating sharks, their shape, and grandeur!

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