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Joseph Hayton

Sculptor Joseph Hayton - Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures, Original Stone and Marble Commissions:-Joseph Hayton Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

Joseph Hayton is a modern sculptor who embraces traditional techniques but uses processes and practices and even some of the tools, that Donatello or even Michelangelo would have been familiar with.

Joseph has taken his inspiration from the pioneers of classical sculpture, from Renaissance sculptors and even from his modern and most contemporary peers but his passion is in his pursuit to produce as true a depiction of anatomy as is possible.

Joseph Hayton is best known for his studies are of equine anatomy and most recently the exploration of human and figurative work.

Joseph's training was with some of the UK's leading teachers of stone masonry at the prestigious Stone Sculpting College in York. During his training his ability was further recognised when he received an award from the Masonic province of Yorkshire and North East Craft Lodges. 


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