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Joe Charman *NEW*

About Joe Charman:-

Joe Charman Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

Joe Charman is a London-based artist who made his name on social media as ‘The Skills Guy’ and amassed a viral following of over 2 million followers across social media platforms. From stand-up comedian to social media sensation, to contemporary artist, Joe Charman is no stranger to the limelight and his artwork expresses his unique flair for capturing the attention of an audience and keeping them entertained. 

Joe Charman works in a graffiti street art style. Charman’s artistic process often begins with a central element consisting of a nostalgic character from his childhood, set amongst an explosion of bright colours. The artist creates his works using carefully cut stencils and splashes of paint, as well as spray paint, creating a multi-textured image that feels like it’s been lifted directly from a street wall. 

His work draws inspiration from 80s and 90s nostalgia, pop culture and street art and he is influenced by artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol; often hiding symbols of these artists beneath the layers of paint in his artworks.

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