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Jennifer Crowshaw

Jennifer Crowshaw Artist At The Acorn Gallery, PocklingtonAbout Jennifer Crowshaw

As an artist Jennifer is influenced by the Landscape. Jennifer says she has a love for trees and nature and would happily spend her life wandering around a woodland, gazing up at the trees and staring down at the flora.

Jennifer says that she is fascinated with the natural structures of plants and the shapes and lines nature creates are so delicate and yet so strong, the patterns can be intricate and yet symmetry flows through so many,  Even through the bleakest months natures wonderful patterns can been seen in the seed-heads, and branches, all of which translate beautifully into a piece of art. 

Originally Jennifer trained as an Interior Designer, at the Regents Academy of fine Arts London, although she is completely self taught. Jennifer has always drawn, painted and crafted from a young age and now her children have grown up she has returned to her passion.