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Helen Allen

Helen Allen Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

About Helen Allen :-

Helen loves to explore an array of colour pallets in her work, using her unique style of painting to demonstrate her ability to blend hues effortlessly.  This contemporary style of abstract art has been produced using several mixed media techniques to create texture and a base, which is then predominantly finished with layers of oil paint. No two pieces of Helen’s art are the same, with each painting depicting a unique and truly exclusive viewing experience.

Helen says "My Interest in art began at an early age, probably around eight or nine years old. I'd literally draw anything, from a character from care bares, to a flower, to an imaginary land, in fact I still have these drawings hiding somewhere in my house. I carried my passion for art through my school years where I spent a majority of my time in the art department. Before school, after school, during lunch break, if there was a spare second to be had the art room was where I could be found. It was my haven. 

But then I turned 16 and, well, basically lost my mind! Well that's the only explanation I have for what I did next. I mean why else would I enrol in hairdressing and beauty therapy at college when I had never shown the slightest bit of interest in it? To this day I still have no logical explanation for it.  

So, for years, 24 to be exact, I barely lifted a pencil or paint brush. That was until my own daughter took GCSE art. Seeing her face and the passion she carried for her art reignited my own love for it. It's not only helped me through some difficult times, but it's also what I use to self express. For me, it has the power to heal and regenerate my wellbeing. I'm a much happier person when I'm creating, just ask my husband!"