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About Deadmansdust:-Deadmansdust Artist at The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

Deadmansdust was born in 1974 in Lancashire, England. He is a contemporary artist with a background in watercolour painting and illustration. Deadmansdust studied art and design at Burnley College and later progressed onto gaining a degree in Illustration at Loughborough University School of the Arts in 1999. 

Graduating university he concentrated on developing his skills as a watercolour artist which paved the way to him having his work displayed in many galleries and being awarded the Windsor & Newton Young Artist of the Year Award in 2000. Seeking new challenges Deadmansdust set out to push the boundaries of his imagination and took to the camera and computer as a way of exploring his artistic vision. The female figure became his main source of inspiration and combining this with his fascination with colour and texture he soon began to formulate a new style that was unique to himself.

Smooth contours and hard rugged surfaces, a cocktail of veils and arabesques, graffiti and urban decay, incantatory calligraphies and the richness of colourful ambiances. A blending of styles that could have created something disjointed whereas they unite to form a dense and sumptuous atmosphere. The work bears a most interesting influence of his illustration background and overall his imagery possess a certain quality, a life force, a sensual electricity that is totally his own.

Process: The journey starts in my mind house with an idea, a flash of an image in my head that I now have to try and follow through the labyrinth before it vanishes into the mist. I will often jot down sketches with keywords to try and help me cling onto the memory or perhaps even ignite another vision. I then have the choice of either searching my ever expanding photo collection for a suitable image or create a taylor made photo for the specific job, this photo will become the bedrock of my piece.

Once the base image is in place with the use of a pen and tablet I slowly build layer upon layer with details, textures and colour. In summary my work is a fusion of photography and digital artistry and my camera is never far from my side. I love capturing objects and textures from all sorts of places just as much as staging photoshoots, developing from my analogue painting into digital creating has given me endless possibilities.

I like to stay sensitive to the medium and on occasion it will lead me down a different path and the original idea evolves into something quite different, something that doesn’t share any resemblance to the one I set off on the journey to create. I find this totally exciting because there's this element of surprise even for me the artist


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