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David Williamson

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This is very clever... interactive... 
fly-out-of-the-frame-and-into-your-living-room artwork! 
This is 3D (like you've never seen before) artwork!
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About David Williamson:-David Williamson Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

Davids work has been exhibited across the world, from Tech conferences at the Munich Olympic stadium, to the Tate Modern. 

A budding illustrator from a young age, David began his formal arts education studying Printmaking at the Kent Institution of Art and Design, graduating in 2009. He worked predominately in traditional mediums, from fine art printmaking to oil painting, always looking for ways to modernise his practice, and combine these artworks with contemporary media. In 2013 David began working with Augmented Reality, seeing the potential in the technology to change art and the world he got to work. Self taught in the fields of coding and digital art, David emerged with the first collection of its kind in late 2014, from there he has taken art and augmented reality to unimagined places. 

David describes his work as ‘Cyber Pop’, he focuses on the Pop Culture of his youth, creating work referencing the science fiction and comic books he grew up with. Engineering devices to enable the viewer to see a piece of the world he lives in. Each piece focuses on the different ways the past is remade in the image of the present, and how the world has traversed from science fiction to fact.Cyber Punk has become Cyber pop through its actualisation. His view is that a modern mythology has been created surrounding post war pop iconography, and that the lens we interpret the world through finds its routes in this media. Everyone has a character they relate to, and seeing that burst to life in David's work brings people back into the wonder of youth.