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Frances aka David Gonzalez Valor

About Frances:-

David Gonzalez Valor (who works under the pseudonym Frances) was boFrances Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklingtonrn in Alicante , Spain in 1953. After studying Fine Arts in the town where he was born, he completed his education at the San Carlos Fine Art School in Valencia.

Being a perfectionist, D.G. Valor pays a lot of attention to detail and once he begins a piece of work he becomes totally committed to finishing it.

His main works are harbours and landscapes.,although he also paints still life's signed as Gonzalez or figurative paintings, signing them with a pseudonim Frances.

The admiration of his canvases is giving to the viewers a special sensation of peace. At the beginning he worked as a commercial artist, now as a full time painter, D.G. Valor has exhibited his work all over Europe

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