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Danny Abrahams Prints *NEW*

Danny Abrahams Artist AT The Acorn Gallery, PocklingtonAbout Danny Abrahams:-

Self-taught Bradford Artist Danny Abrahams found himself with time on his hands and a set of paints... a hobby quickly tapped in to an obvious talent and now he is one of the UK’s best-loved, most collectible artists.

Danny’s happy world of never-ending bike rides and walks in the country, have brought smiles to us all and brought back many childhood memories.

Here at The Acorn Gallery we met Danny when he walked in and presented us with an array of paintings asking if we thought he was any good! 

Four of the paintings sold in the first week and his beautiful originals have been selling ever since. 

Now there is a range of beautiful limited edition prints available too! Some on canvas and some on paper but all of them bringing you the same happy carefree feelings.

Danny Abrahams says: “Growing up in the eighties, I’m from a generation of kids who ‘played out’. It was a time of innocence, a carefree time, filled with fun and adventure. Use your imagination and fall into my world, where summer holidays last forever and snow falls so deep that it goes over the top of your wellies. Never stop dreaming!”