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Charlotte Atkinson

About Charlotte Atkinson:-

Charlotte Atkinson Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington
Charlottes beautiful and sensual paintings draw upon our inner strength and vitality and show a  lifelong passion for figurative artwork. 

It was this yearning for the drawing of figures which led Charlotte to Italy where she studied the art of academic portraiture at the highly acclaimed Atelier of the Florence Art Academy. 

Her unique approach to any piece will see her combining the principles of this classical way of figure-drawing with her own distinct style. 

Charlotte Atkinson is an artist whose work cultivates an awareness and a connection to the body which in turn stimulates curiosity and experimentation about how the body moves and feels. Her paintings almost feel beneficial to our mental health and our emotional well-being. 

Collectors have often spoken of Charlotte’s paintings as ‘creating a powerful atmosphere of optimism’. High praise indeed and unusual for such a strong message to be picked up by so many. 

When Charlotte’s son was born with congenital heart defects she took a step back from painting in order to look after him whilst he underwent several major heart surgeries. The years which followed found her in awe of the outstanding care he received in the hands of the Great Ormond Street Hospital and whilst not painting, Charlotte still kept a sketchbook to capture her feelings and emotions along this journey. 

The works are often embellished with touches of gold and their soft colour palette allows the figures to flow over the canvas in a dreamlike fashion, encouraging a deep calm and allowing us to reflect on the power and resilience within ourselves. 

Charlotte lives on the south coast of Devon with her family and loves to paint amongst the stunning seascapes and wild moorland.

Charlotte says “painting has always made me happy... it has been my freedom and a way of accessing my thoughts... a way to invoke a strength of emotion I didn’t realise I had.., I love exploring the human connection to nature in simple beautiful forms and looking at how we fit within our landscape... I love for each brushstroke to look effortless, hoping for it to reveal emotions, just as a sculptor chips away at a block to reveal a form”