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Caroline Shotton *NEW*

Caroline Shotton Artist At The Acorn GalleryAbout Caroline Shotton

Artist Caroline Shotton is well known in the world of contemporary art. With her humorous big-eyed cows she has won the hearts of people across the UK. Caroline always has fun with the titles of her work, choosing to twist common words to have a bovine influence. 

Having been published for many years Carolines original works have been supported by a wide range of limited edition prints but more recently Caroline has pulled away from mainstream publishing to develop the character of her cows and work more intently on her beloved original format before once again looking at the possibility of producing some limited edition prints. 

Here at The Acorn Gallery we are very pleased to once again showcase the work of Caroline, who's name sits well next to Mackenzie Thorpe, Alexander Millar, Kerry Darlington, Danny Abrahams, Andrei Protsouk, Edward Waite to name a few!.

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