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Bob Cosford

Bob Cosford Artist At The Acorn Gallery, PocklingtonAbout Bob Cosford:-

Bob Cosford was born in the 1960's in West London which wasn't the most exciting place to grow up.

Quiet neighbourhoods with rows of small regimented identical houses with a couple of shops and a chippy at the top of the road. Going to the church youth club on a Sunday. Having a fag with mates down the back alleys and in the swing park. Playing footie on any open space you could find.  

But when the Funfair came to town magical things began to happen. You were transported into a realm of difference. Starting with anticipation. Then there was the music and sounds as you got closer. The sense of excitement and possibility of impending danger. Then the lights. Then the smells. The gangs of lads and girls and then the rides.

All these youthful feelings combined to trigger a unique sense of escapism. My work now tries to capture that 'old school' frisson of adventure lost in a world of social media and digital sanitisation.