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Billa Bozem *NEW*

Billa Bozem Artist At The Acorn Gallery, PocklingtonAbout Billa Bozem:- 

Billa was born in Germany and still lives there, in a small village in the middle of nowhere. Here you will find Billa in her Ivory Tower, where she withdraws to create, leaving the loud demanding world behind her. 

Billa says 'I have always had a dream of creating beauty. I remember adoring my colouring books as a little girl and feeling delight in filling in shapes with red, green and blue. I enjoyed building fantasy houses with toy blocks and kneading and shaping clay. Very early on I tried out painting and then moved to creating collages with real photos'

When Billa found Photoshop it opened up a new world of digital art. After taking the first steps, she was overwhelmed by the feeling to finally have found her niche. Billa learned by going through times of failure and despair but she never gave up.

In 2015, Billa joined the "Photoshop Artistry" course by Sebastian Michaels and his more advanced programme “AWAKE” that provided her with much more advanced skills, but with critique and encouragement too. She learned to trust her feelings and visions, to push beyond the boundaries that had restricted her for years and years.

She now,goes through the world with her senses wide open, she can find inspiration everywhere … It might be a face, a gesture, a sentence in a book, a fragrance, or the mood in a certain situation of her everyday life …

It might sound strange, but it could well be the dark side of life which inspires her … It challenges her to create kind of a counterweight. There have been some tough periods in her life, and creating beauty has enabled her soul to find a way back to the lightness of being.

Billa's breast cancer some years ago made her feel the vulnerability of her femininity, of her outer appearance. Not only did she lose her hair, however where the outward beauty cannot be preserved forever, femininity can be and this is what she celebrates in her artwork.

Billa is married to the best husband in her opinion, who is always prepared to take over the cooking when she is absorbed in her art. Billa is also a mother of two adult children and a cat lover and lives with three boy cats. 

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