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Queen Bee by Angus Gardner

Queen Bee by Angus Gardner

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Type: Limited Edition Print

Edition: 45

Medium: Giclee On Paper

Framed Size:  41.5" x 34"

Signature: Yes, Hand Signed by The Artist

Certificate: Yes

Delivery:  Hand Delivered to mainland UK for a small fee.


All bow. 

Ever seen a bee in March or April? If you have, it’a almost certainly a Queen. 

Queens emerge from hibernation in early Spring and immediately start looking for pollen and nectar to replenish depleted energy and fat reserves. Once replenished, she mates,Queens then start to look for a nesting location, where they will create the beginnings of what will become her colony or hive - a few simple waxen pots which she will fill with pollen and nectar and into which she begins laying eggs.Those eggs hatch to become workers and drones and only then will she truly become a Queen as the workers and drones take care of her every need, cleaning her, regulating her temperature, feeding her and ensuring that she wants for nothing. 

It's where the saying comes from, we all know a 'Queen Bee', that someone who everyone fusses around, pampering and flattering, catering to their every whim. 

My Queen Bee sits, crowned on her 6 armed-throne, her gaze fixed on those that dare to look upon her. 

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