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Andrew Stewart

About Andrew Stewart:-

Andrew's journey with art started when he was just a teenager, the dAndrew Stewart Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklingtonay he discovered the astronomer the late Carl Sagan his enthusiasm and the images of the planets where breath taking, that was the day he started to paint.

Andrew's art techniques involve using acrylic inks and acrylic paint with airbrushes and brushes on canvas boards....

Andrew says art collage was the obvious route for me and from there I started working as a graphic designer and only a few years later I went to Ireland to work for Disney as a designer for animation.

Throughout my thirty five years as an artist I have had work commissioned for book covers from Cambridge University for Stephen Hawkins and my hero Carl Sagen, I have also worked on album covers and murals and had my work exhibited in London galleries.

I am always interested in new ideas to experiment with and to go anywhere in the minds eye, opening new doors to the visual imagination.

Art is an expression of ourselves and the beauty of a piece of art is in the eyes of the spectator.