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Alberto Martinez

Fun Days On Brighton Pier by Alberto Martinez

Regular Price £595.00
Fun Days On Brighton Pier by Alberto Martinez

Limited Edition Print of 49

Medium: Giclee On Canvas

Image Size: 27.5" x 39"   

Framed Size 56" x 32"

Fun days on Brighton Pier is a nostalgic parody of traditional family trips to the British seaside. Seen through the windscreen of a classic Fiat 500, the painting immediately transports us back in time to when families jumped in their cars and drove to the coast for a day of fun. The pier itself has been transformed to reflect this past time, and is made up of an array of paraphernalia associated with childhood, the seaside and British culture. Toys dominate the landscape in the form of a Hornby train set, toy soldier, model car, meccano, wind up penguin and helicopter. They are sentimentally intertwined with a cricket ball and stumps, dalek and replica of Thunderbird 4 - all of which encourage us to reminisce on our own childhood memories. In the words of the artist ‘it’s all fun and games’!

In true Alberto style, there are a few red herrings! The flag pole emerging from the teapot is actually flying the Cuban flag - a discreet nod to his heritage which he often incorporates in his paintings. There’s also a tropical frog perched on the dashboard of the car, gazing out at the unusual surroundings - perhaps an indication of how Alberto once felt when he arrived in Brighton. He often draws inspiration from his once ‘alien’ surroundings, allowing us to see familiar scenes through his fresh eyes. Amongst this visual nostalgic treat, we are bought back to reality by the reflection of a modern day skyline in the car mirror. The goldfish swimming amongst it (typical of those we used to win at the pier fair) jovially reminds us that we will always have the memories.

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