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Adam Barsby *NEW*

Adam Barsby Artist At The Acorn Gallery, PocklingtonAbout Adam Barsby:-

Adam was born in 1969 and had a very happy childhood as the youngest of five children. His love of drawing has been obvious from a very early age and he can see that his artistic persuasion came from each of his parents in their own way. 

Building model aircraft and boats was his fathers passion and the garden shed was a place of wonder for Adam as he watched his fathers latest creation come to shape. The gift from his mother was an incredible visualisation ability! She had an amazing way of knowing just how something should look before she even began! Adam sees this as a key skill for any artist! 
Adam turned professional in 1996 after graduating from Art College. A string of jobs in galleries gave him a good working knowledge of the business and when he turned professional he quickly achieved much success, winning ‘Best Up and Coming Artist’ in 1999, ‘Best Selling Artist in the UK’ in 2000 and he has also been nominated three times for 'Best Published Artist' in 2001, 2002 and 2003.