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Leigh Lambert *NEW* 
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About Leigh Lambert:-
Leigh  was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1979 and lived in the North East until 1996 when he and his family relocated to Warwickshire.

Leigh began to draw and paint from a very early age, in fact as soon as he could hold a pencil or paint brush. As he progressed through his school years his attention to detail in his drawings and paintings became very apparent and is subsequently one of characteristics that makes his work so distinctive.
His inspiration for his early paintings came from his childhood interests, including landscapes, and in later years from his "canny knack" to capture a view, usually with a very interesting building being the focal point. You could say that Leigh is a self taught artist and has always had an amazing talent for drawing and painting as he left school with no formal art qualification.

However, for a short time he studied art at Tynemouth college of arts and Technology in the North East of England, and later for a brief period at Mid Warwickshire college in Leamington-Spa.  Leigh is a versatile artist and can produce work in both Watercolour and Oil paint. He has developed a unique style of his own and consequently his artwork has been displayed in galleries and Art shows around Central & Northern England. Leigh has also undertaken works of art for private collections in various countries overseas.

His originals are highly sought after and there is now waiting list for aspiring collectors. Many of his limited editions have been sold out.  
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Here We Go Again by Leigh Lambert *NEW*

Just Not My Day by Leigh Lambert *NEW*

Can You Fix My Tyre Grandad Sketch by Leigh Lambert *NEW*

I Should Have Played Marbles by Leigh Lambert *NEW*

I Think He Means It This Time by Leigh Lambert *NEW*

Don't Stop Me Now by Leigh Lambert *NEW*

Through The Sheets To The Sweets *NEW*

Park Life by Leigh Lambert

Can I Have Another One? by Leigh Lambert *NEW*

Behind Enemy Lines by Leigh Lambert *NEW*

Peace At Long Last by Leigh Lambert

Don't Worry He's A Friend Not A Foe by Leigh Lambert

That's Kept Them Quiet by Leigh Lambert

Don't Spend It All At Once by Leigh Lambert

Last One There Buys The Sweets by Leigh Lambert

When The Day Was Done by Leigh Lambert *NEW*

Little Davy's Got Chips And Gravy by Leigh Lambert

Just Like A New Car by Leigh Lambert

Little Charlie's Got Chips by Leigh Lambert

Now He's Done It by Leigh Lambert

They Think It's All Over... It Is Now by Leigh Lambert


Up To 12 months Interest Free Credit Now Available!
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