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Kevin Day  


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About Kevin Day:-
I have been interested in painting since I can remember, and from a young age enjoyed painting and drawing. After four years at design college then university I never really found my true direction in painting, and soon after leaving college I started a career as a musician for a number of years. During this time painting was mostly a hobby for me.

In 2004 I left my job at the time where I was working as a delivery driver and began concentrating more seriously on painting as a profession. Originally born in South Shields I now live in Burnopfield where I work from home. My previous work mostly involved painting landscapes of Northumberland and Cumbria as well as some figurative work. Now my work has progressed into painting people in landscapes, mainly cityscapes and the relationship between them.

I hope to achieve paintings that move the viewer emotionally and to create work with a soul and purpose. I am inspired by many different influences new and old. Mainly Rembrant, Vermeer, Turner, Manet, Singer, Sargent and Hopper.
Film is also a major influence on my work, visually inspiring directors such as Ridley Scott, Michael Mann, David Lynch and Joe Wright. Music is also a very important contributor to my work and some paintings have been influenced by certain pieces of music or songs. ((153googleremarketing)

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Staithes Boats Original by Kevin Day

Roseberry Topping Original by Kevin Day

Ripon Canal Original by Kevin Day

Church Street, Staithes Original by Kevin Day

Bethells Bridge Original by Kevin Day

Pedestrians by Kevin Day

Incline Sunset by Kevin Day

High Level by Kevin Day

High Level Walkway by Kevin Day

On The Slipway by Kevin Day

Passing Bus by Kevin Day

Tyne Bridges ORIGINAL by Kevin Day

The Slipway by Kevin Day

Somewhere To Go by Kevin Day

Father Son by Kevin Day

Memories Of Giants by Kevin Day

Kiss For Mam by Kevin Day

Theatre Dream ll by Kevin Day

Theatre Dream l by Kevin Day

Table For One by Kevin Day

Watching Lonely Streets by Kevin Day

Running Late by Kevin Day

Protection by Kevin Day

Meet You On The Corner by Kevin Day

City Reflections by Kevin Day

Thoughts Underway by Kevin Day

The Meeting Place by Kevin Day

The Canvas Awaits by Kevin Day

Steel Sky by Kevin Day

Station Light by Kevin Day

In The Shade by Kevin Day

Hotel Lounge by Kevin Day

Candle Light by Kevin Day

Night Dreaming by Kevin Day

Last Exit To Brooklyn by Kevin Day

Approaching Destination by Kevin Day

City Reflections Original by Kevin Day

By The Window Original by Kevin Day

Dance Study Original by Kevin Day *SOLD*

Morning Waitress Original by Kevin Day *SOLD*

Watching Lonely Streets Original by Kevin Day *SOLD*

Sisters Original by Kevin Day *SOLD*

The Centurion Original by Kevin Day *SOLD*

The Dancer Original by Kevin Day *SOLD*

Fireside Original by Kevin Day *SOLD*

Lunch Menu Original by Kevin Day *SOLD*


Up To 12 months Interest Free Credit Now Available!
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