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BELOW 250 
Welcome to the 'Under 250' Gallery!
In here you will find an excellant selection of work by various artists and all at less than 250!
Click on any item to see full details and prices!
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Jimi Hendrix by Courty

Freddy Mercury by Courty

John Lennon by Courty

Prince by Courty

Bob Marley by Courty

David Bowie by Courty

Elvis Presley by Courty

Michael Jackson by Courty

Lamb Original by Richard Gibson

Hare Original by Richard Gibson

Yacht Race by Alister Colley

The Cyclists And The Hill by Alister Colley

Sunday Sunrise by Alister Colley

Fishing by Alister Colley

Bouled Over by Alister Colley

The Fox by Izzy Hodge

TDF Yorkshire Map 2 by Michelle Campbell

TDF Yorkshire Map 1 by Michelle Campbell

First Night Nerves! by Albert Rusling

Heart & Soul Keyring by Paul Horton

Beside The Sea Cufflinks by Paul Horton

Man Of Snow Keyring by Paul Horton

Midnight Manhattan Keyring by Paul Kenton

Monroe Cufflinks by Simon Claridge

Lowry In The Studio Seated by James Milroy

Flying Free Original by Chris Larkin

You're Worth It Original by Chris Larkin

Nowhere Man by Chris Larkin

Man Of Snow Cufflinks by Paul Horton

Two And A Calf Cufflinks by Caroline Shotton

The Smooch Cufflinks by Caroline Shotton

Moona Lisa Cufflinks by Caroline Shotton

A Time To Waite Book by Edward Waite

The Purple Tub by Gary Walton

The Red Tub by Gary Walton

The Blue Tub by Gary Walton

The Yellow Tub by Gary Walton

Guilty Pleasures ll Keyring by Drew Darcy

A Quick Sail Out Original by Debbie Lord

A Good Drying Day Original by Debbie Lord

Pillar Box Red Original by Mike Jackson

Chicken Run Original by Mike Jackson

The Great Escape Original by Mike Jackson

The Planning Committee by Mike Jackson

Clueless! by Mike Jackson

Quick... Look Innocent by Mike Jackson

Teenagers In Love by Mike Jackson

The Cats Chorus by Mike Jackson

Private Members Club by Mike Jackson

The Safe House by Mike Jackson

The Kitten Club by Mike Jackson

A Plaice In The Sun by Mike Jackson

Just Not My Day by Leigh Lambert *NEW*

Can You Fix My Tyre Grandad Sketch by Leigh Lambert *NEW*

Picking Up The Pace by Roger Simpson

Pulling Away by Roger Simpson

Out In Front by Roger Simpson

Setting The Pace by Roger Simpson

In The Thick Of It by Roger Simpson

Heading For The Hills by Roger Simpson

Charging Thunder by Roger Simpson

Hoping For Number 10 by Roger Simpson

Leading The Pack by Roger Simpson

Out In Front by Roger Simpson

Shelter From The Storm by Lucy Pittaway

Faith And Love by Lucy Pittaway

EDGE - Red Squirrel Sculpture

EDGE - Cleopatra Queen Of The Nile Sculpture

EDGE - Star Gazer

Margaret Standing Gloucester Old Spot Pig Original by Christine Cummings

Hattie Standing Pig Original by Christine Cummings

Sadie Standing Gloucester Old Spot Pig Original by Christine Cummings

Meredith Standing Saddleback Pig Original by Christine Cummings

Violin Original by Grant Marshall

Clarinet Original by Grant Marshall

Forever You by Mark Spain

Only You by Mark Spain

Quack Quack Cufflinks by Sarah Graham

Reynard Original by Celia Lake

George Original by Celia Lake

Henry Original by Celia Lake

Spring Is Dew by Steve Tandy

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Leaves by Steve Tandy

Winter Reflections by Steve Tandy

First Summer by Steve Tandy

Shimmering Beauty by Leanne Christie

Fragile Passion by Leanne Christie

Dancing Rainbows by Leanne Christie

Sweethearts by Leanne Christie

Glistening Alliums by Leanne Christie

Starman Original by Ed Rust

What A Save Original by Ed Rust

Weight Lifters For Beginners Original by Ed Rust

Single Sheep II Original by Ed Rust

Single Sheep Original by Ed Rust

The Silent Night by Chris Larkin

Love Angel by Rayford

All Saints Pavement by Rayford

Kings Staithes by Rayford

Oooh Bettys by Rayford

That Tyne Of Night by Rayford

Spending Quality Tyne by Rayford

Cathedral Of The Wolds by Rayford

Gert & Henry by Rayford

Whimsical Whitby by Rayford

A Grand View by Rayford

Time To Reflect by Rayford

West End by Rayford

Saltburns Piering by Rayford

Snow Angel by Rayford

Off With The Gherkin by Rayford

Red Sky At Night by Rayford

Wears Durham Cathedral? by Rayford

A Total Shambles by Rayford

Angel Delight by Rayford

It's A Shambles by Rayford

Minster Gates by Rayford

Rise & Tyne! by Rayford

A Grand Scarborough Sunset by Rayford

Tyne For Bed! by Rayford

Tynemouth Superstars by Rayford

Ye Olde Starre Inne by Rayford

Wobbly Whitby Sunrise by Rayford

Tea With Yorks Mayor by Rayford

St. Pauls Millenium by Rayford

Raising The Bar by Rayford

Minster Twilight by Rayford

It's Baltic On The Tyne by Rayford

Faulty Towers by Rayford

Bootham Bedtime by Rayford

Beverley Beck by Rayford

Dreams Do Come True by Danny Abrahams

Fly Away With Me by Danny Abrahams

Only For You by Danny Abrahams

Shooting Up Hill by Danny Abrahams

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friend by Danny Abrahams

You've Got A Friend In Me by Danny Abrahams

Gone Fishing by Danny Abrahams

Time To Reflect by Danny Abrahams

Cherished Moments by Danny Abrahams

Its All Up Hill From Here (SMALL) by Danny Abrahams

There's No Business Like Snow Business by Danny Abrahams

Brrr! Its Been A Cold One Today by Danny Abrahams

In The Bleak Midwinter by Danny Abrahams

All That Sparkles by Leanne Christie

Look With Your Heart by Leanne Christie

Sparkle In The Breeze by Leanne Christie

The Corner Shop by David Bez

Kite Flyers by David Bez

Hello Mum! by Albert Rusling

Scripted Original by Silver Zebra

Ready... Steady... by Albert Rusling

Whoops! by Albert Rusling

The Lost Snowflake by Paul Horton

Mackenzie Thorpe Calendar 2017

Out Of The Shadows Standard Edition Book by Mackenzie Thorpe

Elephant Miniature by Edward J Waites

Cockerel Miniature by Edward J Waites

Hare Miniature by Edward J Waites

Leveret Miniature by Edward J Waites

Spanish Bull Miniature by Edward J Waites

Hippo In Water Miniature by Edward J Waites

Falcon Miniature by Edward J Waites

Pushing For The Line by Roger Simpson

To Close To Call by Roger Simpson

On t' way t' tour by Michelle Campbell

Northern Route by Michelle Campbell

Everyone's A Winner by Michelle Campbell

Dynamo Derek by Michelle Campbell

The Hug by Lucy Pittaway

Woodland Escape by Lucy Pittaway

Family Time by Lucy Pittaway

Red Door by Lucy Pittaway

High Flyers by Lucy Pittaway

Country Life by Lucy Pittaway

Love At First Sight by Lucy Pittaway

EDGE - Pug Sculpture

EDGE - Fox Sculpture

EDGE - Elephant Sculpture

EDGE - Bengal Tiger Sculpture

Edge - Bulldog Sculpture

EDGE - Green Man Sculpture

EDGE - Duck And Ducklings

EDGE - Gorilla Sculpture

EDGE - Wolf Sculpture

EDGE - Hare Sculpture

EDGE - Orangutan

EDGE - Venus Sculpture

EDGE - Panda Sculpture

EDGE - Falcon Sculpture

EDGE - Chimp Sculpture

EDGE - Cat Sculpture

EDGE - Cobra Sculpture

EDGE - Shark Sculpture


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